Vinhar offers complete HR Services and management solutions, including Employee Outsourcing, Payroll Management, Recruitment and Training & Development Services.

Outsourcing of HR services is a convenient way to transform HR functions without adding infrastructure, headcount, or cost while still in compliant with government laws. Vinhar process-driven approach enables outsourced function to get started quickly and effortlessly.

Vinhar offers complete set of Outsourcing Services that can be customized as per the requirements by the Client.

  •    Recruitment, Pre-screening, Selection and Placement

  •    Verification of Documents and References

  •    Processing of Salaries, Bonuses, and Encashment of Leave etc.

  •    Employee Records Maintenance

  •    Statutory Payments (EOBI, Social security, Taxes, etc.)

  •    Income Tax Management of Employees

  •    Health and Life Insurance

  •    Attrition Management

  •    Performance Appraisal

  •    Training & Development

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  • Payroll Management

    Vinhar offer full Payroll management services including Monthly Salary, Commission, Yearly Bonus, Performance Bonus, Advance & Terminal payments, Gratuity etc. These are calculated as per the individual entitlement/period of service and are settled at agreed timings on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Monthly salaries are processed by Vinhar HR paid to staff through Bank Accounts (All Major Banks), Cheques, Digital Payments and all other suitable means.
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  • Employee Old Age Benefit (EOBI)

    As per EOB Act 1976 which provides compulsory social insurance for Employees. Under EOB Scheme, Insured Persons are entitled to avail benefit like, Old-Age Pension (on the event of retirement), Invalidity Pension (In case of permanent disability), Old-Age Grant (an Insured Person attained superannuation age, but does not possess the minimum threshold for pension) Survivor's Pension (in case an Insured Person is expired). Vinhar registers staff and complete necessary formalities for issuance of their registration number and the EOB cards.
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  • Insurance

    We have negotiated attractive rates with reputable insurance providers and vendors. If the client wish to provide such facilities to the staff outsourced through Vinhar which includes Medical Insurance (to cover inpatient and/or outpatient medical expenses), Contractual Liability Insurance (to cover negligence, omission and fraud by outsourced employees) & Group Life Insurance.
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  • Social Security

    The Provincial Employees Social Security Ordinance, 1965 requires the employers to contribute 6% of the wages of their employees (having wages upto Rs. 18,000/-) to the Punjab Employees Social Security Institution. Provision of health facilities to the workers and their dependents is covered under the Provincial Social Security Laws.
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  • Income Tax Management of Employees

    Vinhar calculates and maintains a proper database including Individual tax calculations, keeping in view the expected total income during the year and tax is deducted accordingly. Vinhar ensures that the monthly tax obligations including Withholding Tax are fully met as per law and provides year-end tax deduction certificates to staff. We ensure that any tax payable at the time of separation, on account of bonuses and/or commissions, is deducted as per law and deposited.
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